Please note below promos/tutorial are for old app, new videos for T.S.M. app coming soon. Stay tuned.


Tutorial 1

FAQs & Tutorials

Welcome to Tiffin Service, Introducing Free* Tiffin Service Management App
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Steps to get your profile approved.

1. Login with mobile number using OTP.
2. Go to Settings it will take you to profile page.
3. Update your profile.
4. Yay!! Your account is verified now you can use app for free* now.
7. Complete your settings before you proceed to create customers and their orders.
Send us message on WhatsApp +91-8853513333 for any help.
*Contact us on WhatsApp or Email for more details about free app.

Q. What steps do I need to follow after profile update?

1. Complete all your settings first otherwise you won't be able to book tiffins for customers.
2. Complete Tiffin Menu and Price Setup first this will help you managing customers money automatically after price of tiffin is setup and also this will be visible to customers on their app.
3. Complete Holidays and keep this updated whenever you want to close, customers will see holidays on their app.
4. You can now create customers from "Manage Customers" on home window.
5. After this you can create orders for customers and can add their money if you receive in advance, and at any point you refund the customer please add amount in negative e.g. you returned Rohit rupees 50 then put -50 in Amount.